Sunday, September 12, 2010

some of the very peculiar Russian posters...

Smoke cigarettes!

Russian vintage poster, smoking propaganda. 

If your children are smoking, you cannot make them stop, but you can make them smoke cigarettes "Katyka" (name of the brand). They are the most hygienical!! Russian vintage poster.

"Stop! It's your last warning!" - says the poster. Apparently, smoking cigarettes was healthier than drinking. Drinking was strictly prohibited during 1917-1919 and also slightly restricted during the late 80's.


The best pacifiers ever! Ready to suck all life long! They're sold everywhere.

Chatterbox is a godsend for the enemy!

To rattle away is helping the enemy!

Russian vintage poster. (1917) People were more open-minded, but then Revolution changed everything and we became a humble Soviet nation without any access to the foreign culture.


  1. Hahaha ''Luchih Sosok!'' prosto net i vezidi prodaiutsia i vsiu jizn' prososat' tak mojno! Klass ochen' nravitsia post :)